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great tool, thank you!

Hello, I downloade your tool.

First of all, thank you for it, it looks great! 

Just a piece of feedback: I am exporting the png, and some tiles are a little bit blended with each other,  so I end up with some 1px black borders showing up when using tiles that are shorter, for example.

I can send you screenshots if you want, just let me know. Also, maybe is just something I am missing about the way to work with isometric tilesets?

I looked at the godot project, but I am a bit lost still :)

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Yes, I noticed that issue a while ago. Unfortunately, I've moved on from updating this tool after deciding that this style of tile wasn't right for my project. That's why I uploaded the godot project: The problem is that the pixel math places the right edge of the previos tile on the x coordinate as the left edge of the new tile, instead of one pixel over. If you're invested in using the tool, editing some padding between the tiles into the Draw script (by including a padding value in the equations that determine the size of the Viewport, and the starting point of each tile) should be doable.

That's really useful!! Thanks!

I decided to use assets from the new game dev humble bundle, but I have this tool on my collecion for possible future usage. I will try to make that fix on my own anyways.

Thank you for taking the time to answer.

Any chance of a MacOS build? If you don't have access the a Mac I can make one available for you to build against.

Hi, it would be useful to have a number input for the Warp and Granule sliders, as it's hard to reset to 0 or recreate a previous setting.

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Super tool, but it would be super nice if you could add some sort of command line tool, a simple one with every parameters in a certain order will export the png. It's to batch render when I have multiple tiles to do.

I have made one mineself but it's not as full as yours it can be run via cmd args

Any chances of getting a open-source code? =D


I'm getting such a strong Sim City 2000 vibe right now! Thanks for sharing.