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In the underworld, you are a dream, reaching up from your darkness into your mortal love. You are a succubus, seeking to ascend and become real. To that end, you send sexy dreams into the mind of your mortal love, but be careful! If they enjoy themselves too much, they'll wake up and you'll have to begin again the next night.

As you gain in numinosity from bringing pleasure to your mortal love, you can use that power to create magic spells to send more lustful energy into their dreams (or to enchant them so they're slightly less able to wake up).


The game in its current state is complete and playable, but it still doesn't have the ending, and therefore is still technically in beta.


Left Click to do the obvious thing!

Right Click to interact with the interface.

Press ESC to reset the game window.


SuccubusRising-Beta-0-3.zip 7 MB


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I just wanted to say that I'm enjoying all of your games, and that I appreciate all the effort that you are putting into making them. I hope life is treating you well, that you are doing well, and that you keep doing what you enjoy. Also this game, and all of your other games are all video games right? 

Credit to Punch Deck for the musical track.