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After being thrust unexpectedly into the world of the supernatural, a neophyte magical girl has to balance her mundane career in indie porn against the lurking threat of fey creatures hunting lonely men in her city, while the tenuous balance in a fellow magical girl's life comes crashing down on them both in this explicit sexually-charged journey into a dark magically-influenced alternate future.

Cameron wasn't expecting to be a magical girl. She wasn't expecting to be any kind of girl. Wielding magical shields and unparalleled healing abilities as the Erocentric Avenger Rousing Salve, she leaps at the chance to become the implacable foe of all supernatural threats to human sexuality and an ardent defender of sexual freedom.

Eelesia was a clever girl with a big heart and a talent for seeing deeper than most, until the mysterious Beacon acquired her talents for itself. Wielding power over the fabric of the Veil as the Gentle Psion Eternal Solace, she must use her perceptive and empathic abilities to safeguard those she cares about from the machinations of her foes.

When a chance meeting entwines their lives, it entwines their troubles as well. Hunting for the guiding hand behind the fey that assault lonely men in her city puts Cameron on a collision course with a greater enemy which even Eelesia is unprepared to face, while Eelesia, on a personal quest to right a simple wrong committed after her home life is suddenly and unexpectedly shattered by the arrest of her father, eventually entangles Cameron in a mystery with earth-shaking implications.

(Disclaimer: This novel is unapologetically graphic and not for the faint of heart nor the sexually squeamish.)




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Veilfall is a fascinating exploration of magical girls in a more mature world, with more of the implications unpacked. There are different worlds, different cultures, different Powers with different agendas. 

I loved this book, and I'm going to reread it to celebrate its release on Itch.io